Its all about perspective, and sometimes, from our Earthy one, Mercury appears to travel backwards on its solar orbit. It doesn't really, it just looks that way because of our Earthly positioning in the cosmos. This happens three to four times a year for three to four weeks at a time and we call it Mercury Retrograde. During periods when Mercury is in Retrograde, everything that the planet Mercury rules is affected. Mercury rules, communication, travel, mental agility and this means that everything from the alarm on your phone, to your phone itself, to your morning commute, to your computer and on is being affected. Astrological experts and amateurs alike encourage you to have certain practices during Mercury Retrograde. Backing up your computer, double checking finances and plans, leaving extra commute time and avoiding signing contracts or some that get thrown around a lot. It is also suggested to be careful with your communication, using short, clear, concise sentences as to not confuse anyone. Its is also a poor time to practice your sarcasm, or double entendre jokes. 

I tend to agree with these professionals, but I do so with a huge nugget of perspective. Mercury Retrograde happens too many times a year for me to make any major changes to my life. To me it just a part of a cycle and a good time to take care of things, just like on Sundays when I prepare for the week ahead and during the Spring Season when I pretend to do “deep cleaning.” Instead of bogging myself down with how to protect myself during this hectic time and who to avoid talking to because we “always fight during Mercury Retrograde,” or giving in to the crabby attitude that tends to come during this planet shift, I use the different perspective of Mercury to shift my life into a more positive perspective. I use this time to help me finish things up. I tend to be a project starter and an idea generator, having lots of projects going on at the same time. I read more than one book, crochet more than one project, write for more than one publication and run multiple micro businesses on top of having a bunch of kids and a bunch of random hobbies I like to engross myself in. Mercury Retrograde serves as a cleanse, a time of completion, and a time to button things up. “Finish” the timeline screams at me. I tend to declutter at this time, getting rid of books I didn’t really like to read (but feel driven to, because who leaves a book half read?), projects that I thought were an up cyclers dream but really look like trash, I unsubscribe to newsletters that don't bring me value, I donate toys and clothes that don't fit anymore and I even clean out my refrigerator, ridding myself of toxic substances that tend to pile up, and re committing to a whole foods lifestyle. 

I don’t have a checklist of what Im going to do during Mercury Retrograde, I just tend to let it happen. I sit still and see what screams at me. Im also more patient with my loved ones, letting comments that can be taken as rude or mean with a Mercury Retrograde perspective. I am careful with certain activities such as shopping being extra mindful at places like Target or Costco where things tend to pile on the care by themselves and also avoiding completely shopping for craft supplies or books (well one can “try”). I found that perspective during Mercury Retrograde makes me feel like I WANT to work on certain projects and read certain books when in reality, its just nostalgia that Mercury Retrograde sometimes brings. 
There are certain things you are not "supposed" to do during Mercury Retrograde. Starting new projects and signing contracts are two of them. I have become aware of how impossible it is to avoid signing contracts. When permission slips, receipts, bills, electronic signatures, and other contractual nuances come up, I laugh, at the audacity of a planet telling me to avoid signing it. I make sure I understand what I am signing, I put a loving light around, it, and I move on with life. I do this even if Mercury is not Retrograde. 

What about major contracts like marriage or car shopping? If one day during Mercury Retrograde, you wake up and find that you want a new car, or a new house, or a new spouse; its probably a good idea to wait until after the planet starts "going direct" before acting on those impulses. It’s only a 3-4 week waiting period for a decision that will affect you for years to come. However, if you've been needing a new car for months, and you have some money saved up, and your dream car goes on sale during Mercury Retrograde, it’s not: "FU Mercury Retrograde, Im signing this anyway!!!" Its more like: "Thank You Mercury for helping me complete this project." Same with marriage, I would save my beautiful elaborate ceremony for a day when all the planets are aligned with peace love and prosperity; but that legal paper has different purposes. Perhaps Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to get married if you: already live together, have children, and have been co-habiting for decades. A marriage contract is about more than love, its about life, and security and finances too, so this "project" of yours needs attention, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to finish things up. 

The point is that life doesn't stop, paralyze, or get scary during Mercury Retrograde. It is a cycle that can be worked with or just something to be aware of. What about you, are there certain rituals you practice during Mercury Retrograde? Are there things you avoid? 

Two Metaphysical Tools Everyone Can Use

1) Ask Questions

2) Clear and Transmute (Delete, De-Story, and Uncreate)

Back in my Mid 20's I found a box of manuscripts that were hole punched and put into binders. They were missing pages, and were out of order, but the gist of the message was there, and who the message was for was very clear. This manuscript spoke to those who already existed in the reality where humans are creator beings in a body. These pages were teaching light workers tools that went beyond saying positive affirmations and seeing yourself "already there." The manuscript urged the light worker to switch from: "I am a millionaire." Spoken to one self over and over again to: "What steps can I take to become a millionaire?" or "What life changes can I make to be in the energy of being a millionaire." 

Since then, I've learned that asking questions can be an art. Why are people so rude? And: Why me? Won't get you very far. The trick is to ask questions that make you feel expanded instead of questions to make you feel restricted. If a question makes you feel restricted, heavy, or like you have a stomach ache, it is most likely coming from your ego. If your questions make you feel expansive, if you can feel your energy going out into the world to search for the answer, if you feel a little bit taller, and your posture feels like it needs to straighten out to let that positive energy that wants to run up and down your spine go faster; that's when you know you are asking the "right" questions. 

The second tool, C&T or DDaU, I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon during a course I am taking called Unlimited Abundance Live. She taught me Clear and Transmute and Delete De-Story and Uncreate. Why? Because its nice to think that we will only let ourselves ask expansive questions, but sometimes we really do have these restrictive questions. Those questions that make us feel bad and hold us back and make us feel like we will always be swimming in a puddle of mud. Why do I have such bad luck with love? Why does this always happen to me? Or other questions that we ask ourselves that hold us in the energy that we fear so much. Clear and transmute, and delete, de-story and uncreate are the answers. 

Let's say, for example, that your big set back is that "other people" make you late. When you were little it was your brothers and sisters, then your children, and now its your sick cat. If you were to live in this reality, some restrictive thoughts might be: Why me? What did I do to deserve this? When stuck in a powerless situation like that, you stop, and remind yourself that YOU are a Creator Being in a body, and somehow YOU have accepted to live out this reality. Then you decide that you want to be rid of this burden. Then you start clearing. Everywhere Im always late, clear and transmute. Everywhere, other people make me late, clear and transmute. Then think of EVERY INSTANCE you can remember where you are late, you can lump them all together if you want, no need to look at them one by one, and look them at their center. Everywhere my sister makes me late, clear and transmute. Everywhere, unexpected things out of my control happen, clear and transmute. You are a Creator Being in a body, you can do this. 

This is the difficult part. After you do these clearings on yourself, you will be presented with opportunities to REALLY CLEAR being late (or whatever your personal block is) which means that some of your beliefs, that you weren't really able to clear all the way will present themselves to you again. So - your kids will lose their shoes, the cat will throw up, and other unexpected events WILL happen. This is your opportunity to look at your blocks and understand that it is your past reality leaving - smile at it and say: "I really am ready for you to leave." You will see results. Good luck and have fun with these tools - I do! 

If you LOVED this blog post, and would like one on one help with implementing these tools, visit me here

Have a beautiful day! 
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Happy Full Moon!

And welcome to my first Newsletter.

This Moon Month, we are celebrating Elder, a time to sit in quiet meditation while we let our dreams wash over us. This Moon Month is good for journaling, being still, and watching those around us without reacting to their sharp edges.

Have you been celebrating Sacred Silence and letting yourself be still? Or are you letting yourself get caught up in the hustle of the holidays? Are you working really hard to be a go-getter, only to find that go getting during this time leads to a cacophony in your mind? I read some notes I wrote during Elder Moon in 2012: "Is Elder a practical joke from the Moon Goddess?" I asked my High Priestess. How is anybody supposed to be in Sacred Silence during holiday parties, when we are with people we only see every once is a while? 

I have since learned that although sitting as often as possible with a journal is best during this time, it is also possible to be in quiet observation. Is there noise in your brain? Separate it into individual strands of sound, and quiet them down one at a time. Talk to the noise. Do you belong to me or somebody else? If it belongs to somebody else, release it. Talk to the noise again: Is this a message that can wait? If it is, ask it to come back at a better time. Talk to the noise: Are you communicating with me from a place of love? If not, let it know that you are only accepting messages of love at the moment.

Be the super hero in your own movie and walk in your own whoosh and energy, letting the "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" of everyone else bounce off you. Its Elder time, your soul wants to talk to you and show you all the awesome things it wants you to accomplish in the next year. Listen.

"The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy."

I felt so clever when I came up in that saying. I had it written on the corner of the biggest mirror in the mirror room.

On a Post It Note. 

I loved taking care of my hair in that room. There was this feeling of love, inner satisfaction, happiness, and ahh, that came from running The Perfect Gel through my long, thick, curly hair. Ive laughed my whole life at suggestions for ways to "fix" my hair: Cut it. Condition it. Change the style. Do something to it! Clearly, they don't understand. Ive always loved my hair, and it felt good to play with it in that room. "The Universe is my Sugar Daddy" sprawled on a yellow post it note was a reminder that I could have anything I wanted in this life time. I knew that happiness, success, freedom and love were abundantly available to everyone, and anyone who was able to figure out the formula. My fingers would untangle and re set curls as I would practice manifesting stuff I wanted to my doorstep. Flowers, edibles, books, office supplies, organic soaps made with essential oils, make - up, clothes and other goodies would align themselves with me showing me that I had figured out at least part of the equation. With no set schedule, and responsibilities that felt like privileges, I was free to spend my day figuring out what awesome thing I was going to do for myself that day. It was a lovely relationship I had going on with myself. I loved taking long walks to yoga class, and long vegan lunches at interesting restaurants. I read lots of books, did lots of journaling, and made lots of crafts. My relationship to Source was strong, and that silly little post it note, was the perfect reminder that kept me in the mindset that allowed me to stay in the practice of self love.  

An angry boyfriend was able to squash the fun off my post it note. He pointed out in anger and accusations that I treated people with expectations. That I was selfish and naive and stuck up and self absorbed. He turned what I thought was self love into something guilty and shameful. Spending all day on making myself happy seemed less fun after his accusations. Shouldn't I be doing something else besides reading? Shouldn't I be doing more? I began questioning and judging myself, my actions, my thoughts, my time. I began a slow decline into the world of normalcy where food tasted as good as you cooked it, and things look nice if you keep them nice. People only smile back sometimes, and traffic exists. 

Today, I laughed, as I caught myself talking to myself in the mirror. I was tucking stray curls into a selfishly messy bun while laughing and shaking my head, saying: "Yes, thank, you I appreciate it, but that's not what I asked for." I surprised myself at the familiar connection I was having with Source. I was talking, laughing and giggling with myself. I was making a mental list of manifestations and congratulating myself, while reminding me that the actual challenge. I was alluding to a Manifestation Challenge I have going on with myself where I attract an extra $444. I was taken back to that mirror room and that silly little post it note. And then I remembered the feeling of guilt and selfishness I had been letting myself live in. I felt good to release a layer of crap as I lifted guilt and shame from my body.

I did a short meditation of forgiveness, and I went back in time to when I started losing track of how important self love is. I gave my then self a big hug and showed her how miserable and cruel life can be when you don't put yourself first. I showed her streams of people who needed a smile in their day and didn't get it, I showed her children who needed her heart centered enough to teach them love, I showed her activities missed because she didn't feel up to it, and events not attended because she didn't feel good enough. I showed her how dark it is when your inner light is turned off, and I gave her control of the dimmer switch making sure she knew that brighter was an option too. Then I gifted her a huge tub organic, chemical free hair treatment. She smiled and laughed and thanked me while she played with her hair, laughing at poor fools silly enough to think that there is anything better you can do with your life than spending it making sure that you are happy. 

 I think I'll spend the rest of my day making sure that I have a really nice dinner, evening entertainment, and a great nights sleep. 

A cross purpose is a physical or mental block you that keeps you from realizing your goals and dreams. Cross purposes are quirky little habits that are sometimes funny once encountered, but sometimes they can inspire pain and guilt instead of giggles. Cross purposes are secret sabotage plans you set out for yourself, pranks to your person that completely catch you off guard. 


Maybe you anger over how rude your kids treat you even though you treat them with love and respect, only to find yourself rolling your eyes and "uh-huhing" your mom while talking to her on the phone. Maybe you made a commitment to exercise, signed yourself up for the gym, and even meal prepped; but you decided NOT to buy appropriate footwear, and now every time you walk, its punishment for your feet, legs, and hips. Do you eat hamburgers while talking about your next diet?  Contacting an ex to tell them that you are through with them is also a silly little cross purpose. Opening up a savings account with a monthly fee even though you live paycheck to paycheck, pay more attention!


These metaphysical oxymorons go a little deeper than silly humanness. You are slowing and blocking your growth with these actions. You can stop, you just have to recognize what you are doing. Take something that you feel held back by and ask it questions. One customer of mine, could not get over her ex. She had given it time, tried dating other people, diving into work projects, and exercising; but every once in a while, there he was, is her thoughts and dreams. She'd burned him in the purple bonfire, pictured him in a bubble to watch him float away, drawn him on a mental chalkboard and then erased him, but there they were, thoughts of him and his perfect shoulders. So we asked her higher self, why he was still here, and then we found him. He was in a department store credit card she had used to outfit herself for his sisters wedding. $15 a month payments for 5 more months? Get rid of it now! He was in her phone contacts, he popped up on her facebook feed, the dreamcatcher that was over her bed had been made by materials they collected over a romantic weekend. What was really going on here? 

The truth was that her heart wasn't really ready to let go. Her mind knew it was time to move on, but the heart needed her to dedicate a little more energy to the matter. We cleared her energy around never going anywhere fancy. We cleared him and countless other people from her contact list and cleared around losing all her friends because she had lost him. We also added to the dreamcatcher to reset its energy. She wasn't holding on to him at all? She was holding on to experiences of him which she had fooled herself into thinking were him. In her case, her cross purposes were showing her that she needed more dancing, and less mental clutter, and were showing up in the form of sexy shoulders on a man she used to date. 

Perhaps those shoes that pinch are trying to get you to find a more comfortable path in life. Perhaps your disorganization comes from you not living your purpose - so you sabotage yourself to pay attention. Whatever your cross purpose is find it and talk to it, you might be surprised at what you find. 

Yesterday was the Season Premiere of Once Upon a Time, and I indulged in the stories of true love and happiness once again. They are beautiful. OUAT has shown us True Love's Kiss from Prince Charming, a Mother, a Were-Wolf, and a son. Ah, true love and all its forms. I can't help but hug my kids while I watch the sappy love stories filled with collecting tears, magical jewelry, and a never ending sea of drama. 
As I sit amidst my sappiness I remind my children that while true love does exist, its not necessarily like it is in the movies. I get momentarily fooled by magical episodes of same sex love thinking that we finally get it as a society, love comes in all forms. Which it does. We just fail to see as a society, that SELF LOVE is one of those forms. You can live Happily Ever After by concentrating on making yourself happy your whole life. Its a wonderfully liberating thought. Life partners are beautiful, but the truth is that we spend way too much time looking for the perfect partner, and not enough time filling ourselves with love. 

So right now, tell yourself that you love you, catch a glimpse of your reflection on your phone and smile intimately at how cute you look. Wear your favorite (fragrance free) perfume for yourself, and buy yourself some flowers. Have you taken the time to show yourself the stars lately? And, as always, for those of us who do have a Prince Charming, or are surrounded by them, remember to thank them for opening your door. 
Sometimes you just run out of gas on the one day you forget your debit card. Your emergency cash was used up and now you are stuck and stranded with three little kids and melting ice cream in the trunk. Whatever your version of overwhelm is, it happens. But what can you do, to keep yourself from pulling out your hair while stomping up and down? What is to keep you from curling into a little ball and waiting for your breath to stop coming? There is a better way, and its simple. 

Take the next obvious step.

How the heck do you figure out what the next stop is? Easy. Stop. Pretend that you are a special God Sent Angel, who is here to fix your life from the mess that it has become. Pretend that an ethereal being just inherited your crappy situation. Look at your life from that angle. The drama, resentment, fear, anger, guilt and angst are gone. There are no stories, there is no past, there is no blame, or should have's or what ifs. Take in the simple facts. Now, answer this question: What is the next obvious step?

It should be something really easy like, brush your teeth. Drink some water. Get a paper and pencil. Get your shoe out of the poop. Whatever the next simple task that is put before you, do it with love, knowing that it is your Higher Self, coming  to the rescue to take you out of your funk. Follow the steps one by one, and enjoy beating overwhelm one task at a time.

Want to connect with your guides to receive more specific instructions? Try a tarot reading, I'm really good at them :O) 
How to start trusting yourself in three simple steps. Whenever you find yourself in need of making a decision. Do you automatically think to yourself: "Whatever I decide is going to be the best decision for me?" If you don't then you are suffering from a debilitating disease called Self Doubt. Self doubt afflicts many, and there are numerous ways to catch the bug. Today, we concentrate on the solution, in three, simple steps. 
Step One: Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Once you learn how to love yourself, you will take care to always do what is best for you. You will naturally know what decisions will lead towards more happiness and which will lead to needing a good cry to get over it. Start loving yourself today. When you are getting ready for your day, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, and compliment yourself on something amazing that gives you confidence. Thank your teeth while you brush them, infuse your hair with love as you style it. 

Watch how you talk to yourself. Do you call yourself names and abuse yourself when you do something "wrong?" Do you call yourself stupid, refer to yourself as bitchy, and agonize over what is wrong with you? Stop. Be nice, generous and loving to yourself. Once you begin to treat yourself well, you will naturally avoid situations and behaviors which hurt or harm you. 
Step Two: Take back your Power. Somewhere along the ways someone made you believe that knowledge is somehow outside of yourself. You were taught to "be humble." Fake wise people taught you to "be careful what you wish for." Learn which of your beliefs are crap stories, and which of your beliefs propel you towards becoming a better person. Your parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, childhood heroes, and everybody else who helped shape your life are probably awesome people. But their hang ups and limitations are theirs not yours. If your best friend believes that men are scum, you can empathize with her lack of trust in half of our species, but there is no need to take on the belief as your own. 

What do you believe? Does it align with loving yourself? If it doesn't, it might be time to reconsider the belief. Why vest yourself in something that does not serve you?
Step Three: Trust your gut. Learn how to ask your body "true" or "not true." Your body is a natural truth detector, use it to your advantage. Whenever a decision arises ask yourself: "Is this for my highest good?" Does the statement resonate as true, or untrue? Follow your gut. 

Do you have a situation that no matter how much you meditate on, you just can't get a "straight" answer? Consider a Tarot Consultation with me. $15 for a live 15 minute call, or $5 for an email response through Etsy. 
When I was 12 years old, my body started attacking itself. Digestion became impossible, my skin crawled and itched, and I was yellow. I was taken to a locally famous Iridologist, who looked at my eyes with a special machine, prescribed me some herbs, and placed special metals on my wrists, keeping them in place with bandages. Every night, I was to cleanse these strips in salt water - after two weeks, I buried the metals in my back yard. I got better to the point where everyone forgot I had ever been sick. 

Years later - news came that the Iridologist who had so miraculously made me feel better had died of some type of disease. My Grandfather, in his ever glorious wisdom exclaimed loudly: "And why the F*&^ didn't he just look at his eye and fix himself? I TOLD you he was a fake." Everybody laughed. Just like that, the man who had brought my skin back to health, became a discredited hoax who I had stupidly believed in. I had even buried metals in my back yard. I felt ridiculous. 

"The man who had miraculously cured me became a hoax."

Now as an adult, who understands that grandpa sometimes is funny but also extremely judgmental, I can see that the Iridologist, was not a hoax. I don't know how he died, or even if he really died. I don't know anything about his life path or what his personal affairs were like. I all I know is a rumor, and something "funny" my grandpa said. The amount of infinities that could have happened overwhelms me. Which brings me to the silly question of why Tarot Readers ask questions. Shouldn't they just look at their cards and know? 

Well, yes. But, what if the connection is wacky? I can only see what you let me see, I can only communicate what you are willing to hear. For example, if you have a mate who cheats on you, but you aren't ready to do anything about it, you will not hear what I tell you. Sometimes, you have a block without even knowing it, and this, is where questions come into place. Let's say for example that you have a co-worker who really annoys you. However, because you have no viable reason to not like her, you deny the issue. Perhaps you are even advanced enough to not let said co-worker grate your nerves, unless she is present. Now here I come, as a Tarot Reader, and see that there is a conflict at work. However, I can't really see what the issue is, because you are blocking it. I ask: "Do you have an issue with somebody at work?" That should open up the proverbial can of worms for you. Now you can let yourself feel what it is you are feeling at work. Now you are open. 
"Well, there is this one person who annoys me." You begin to tell me. As we open up the conversation about your feelings at work, suppressed issues come to light, and solutions are to be found. By opening up these passageways, we are able to clear issues at different levels.

Questions bring awareness.

Questions are also helpful when a figure person arises in the cards. I may ask something like: "Which Mother Figure taught you to bake?" As your energy goes towards recognizing the character, a whole new area of information becomes available to me. We are taught to close ourselves off, and 
only let "special" people in. We guard our feelings, thoughts, and true selves in armor. Questions help me dis-arm you, so that my guides can better communicate with your guides. What's the point of getting a Tarot Reading if you aren't going to dig deep, right? 

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This weekend starts off with the energy of anything is possible. Chance meetings, unexpected offers, and heightened intuition. It is possible to use this energy to push yourself forward and help you manifest wishes and desires that you are ready to receive. Money is coming your way which comes as a deep blessing. The money may not come directly, but the life improvement because of it will be felt. 

Prepare yourself for Sunday, when you have the opportunity to face a situation that has reached a stalemate head on. What have you been avoiding and what can you do to finally face it. The time to act is right. The time to act is now. Make the decision and know that it will be the right one. 

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