Free Reading for 6/27-7/02
As the moon continues on her path of finding balance and wisdom, we are reminded that the financial torments around us are not an act of God, Source, or the Universe. The problems we are dealing with, the feeling that we have too many back breaking problems coming at us from all different directions; are a culmination of bad decisions that we have made as a collective whole. Though we have a lot of pieces to pick up, we have to know that this is not a punishment from God - but more of an opportunity to rebuild. When re-building, the question is: Where do we start? Start at the beginning, start with yourself. Start by filling yourself with love. In every business decision that you make this week, makes sure it is tied up in Joy, love, and happiness. Its YOUR business, so it should serve YOU! 

What can you do this week to put yourself first? 


06/29/2016 2:35pm

Thank you for the free reading, hits right at the heart of struggling business owners rebuilding everywhere, including me ;) But really, it's true, we have to flip the script and rebuild- and make time to treat ourselves right along the way. Good, wise words.

06/30/2016 8:35pm

I hope you come back to see next week's reading. I've also added one for this upcoming weekend <3

12/12/2016 9:41pm

We grow, we develop, we make friends, we hurt people, and more. You have families, friends, relatives, loved ones along the way. But at the end of the day, you just have yourself. You are much more powerful than any other forces. You are controlling your own destiny. You created your life, you must endure the consequences to any of your actions.

08/27/2016 11:03am

That's very interesting. I wish I could visit this amazing event. I like this post.

04/09/2017 2:30pm

Balance is a ruler of this world. Without balance you can't survive.


I can work hard. On my dreams. As hard as I can! And I will get it!


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