Tarot Cards are tools. They are a shortcut to communicate with my guides. Each card in the deck has a specific meaning, story and background. The complexities of the cards are infinite with the ability to delve into numerology, color scheme, and personal antidotes collected over time. The cards, when laid out together form a story that jumps out to you depending on the patterns that are revealed. All cards, just like all situations are linked together. There are no coincidences in life, as there are no coincidences to the order the cards place themselves in when shuffled.

There are different types of Tarot Readings. I have customers who needed comfort after their parents passed. I was able to give them Spiritual Guidance, and point out instances from their past that was linking them to grief. I have worked with mothers who can no longer connect with their children. I have helped them to mend relationships by teaching them to connect with their guides, who can in turn connect to their children’s guides. I have also gently reminded them, when necessary, that children have their own life path which we as parents must respect. I also receive a lot of questions about life path. Is this the right job for me? Will it be profitable to start a business with my sister? In these situations, I have helped my clients connect with their light source, so we could see if we were working with divine help.

General readings are also enjoyable. These readings look at your life as a whole and let you see where very small changes can make massive positive results in your life. I have done these general readings after break-ups, divorces, job switches, and other life changes. It feels nice to do readings where I delve into the possibilities to create the most beautiful future life possible. 

Phone, and email readings available, through here and Etsy



06/27/2016 4:49am

A friend of mine reads tarot cards. I had a session with her once and I appreciated her guidance!

06/27/2016 11:01am

That's great to hear! Its nice of your friend to share her gift. If you ever want a Tarot Consult to see if my Tarot Reading Services can help you as well, you can check it out here:


08/25/2016 5:43pm

I heard that when you read a bad vision on tarot, you need to bite wood to alter the forecast. This is also what is being done if you had a bad dream. It could be futuristic. To reverse it you need to bite wood or knock on wood three times. The best help still are prayers and sincere forgiveness and love towards others.

09/20/2016 12:47pm

I wonder if that's where the saying: "Knock on wood" comes from. I agree, prayer and forgiveness and love are great answers, but I think it is necessary to remember to love ourselves and not just love others.

06/27/2016 9:41am

So glad I ran into your post on the Etsy blog share forum. I just got into Tarot (no coincidences, right?) and it's really helped guide me through a difficult time in my career, helping me clear out the clutter and find crystal-clear inspiration again. I hope you'll be writing more about your experiences as a reader. I want to start doing free readings at the markets where I sell my wares from some good pay-it-forward karma. :)

06/27/2016 11:02am

Welcome! There are no coincidences ;)

My favorite part of being a Tarot Reader is that whatever message my Clients need to hear usually applies to me too.

06/27/2016 1:37pm

Great description! My decks are usually right on, even when I wish they weren't. ;)

06/27/2016 4:35pm

Hi Renee,

When I see something in the cards that I don't like, I treat it as an opportunity for prayer and manifestation. We are here to live healthy, happy lives. If we see anything negative in the cards, its an opportunity for healthy growth.

11/01/2016 8:11pm

Hey, I respect your beliefs in tarot reading but I have been a skeptic about these things. The first reading that I had was during a hangout meeting. I was troubled about my feelings towards a certain individual. I forgot what the reader told me but I know that he gave me a good advice. I think it's about me finding affection and love from others instead of clinging to my old feelings for this other girl. The next one happened when I encountered a fortune teller on the street. He gave me generic, vague, and obvious advice like looking both ways while crossing the street and that my current girlfriend is happy.

04/09/2017 2:31pm

I'd love to believe that this cards works. But I don't really know.

01/18/2018 10:51am

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