How to start trusting yourself in three simple steps. Whenever you find yourself in need of making a decision. Do you automatically think to yourself: "Whatever I decide is going to be the best decision for me?" If you don't then you are suffering from a debilitating disease called Self Doubt. Self doubt afflicts many, and there are numerous ways to catch the bug. Today, we concentrate on the solution, in three, simple steps. 
Step One: Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Once you learn how to love yourself, you will take care to always do what is best for you. You will naturally know what decisions will lead towards more happiness and which will lead to needing a good cry to get over it. Start loving yourself today. When you are getting ready for your day, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, and compliment yourself on something amazing that gives you confidence. Thank your teeth while you brush them, infuse your hair with love as you style it. 

Watch how you talk to yourself. Do you call yourself names and abuse yourself when you do something "wrong?" Do you call yourself stupid, refer to yourself as bitchy, and agonize over what is wrong with you? Stop. Be nice, generous and loving to yourself. Once you begin to treat yourself well, you will naturally avoid situations and behaviors which hurt or harm you. 
Step Two: Take back your Power. Somewhere along the ways someone made you believe that knowledge is somehow outside of yourself. You were taught to "be humble." Fake wise people taught you to "be careful what you wish for." Learn which of your beliefs are crap stories, and which of your beliefs propel you towards becoming a better person. Your parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, childhood heroes, and everybody else who helped shape your life are probably awesome people. But their hang ups and limitations are theirs not yours. If your best friend believes that men are scum, you can empathize with her lack of trust in half of our species, but there is no need to take on the belief as your own. 

What do you believe? Does it align with loving yourself? If it doesn't, it might be time to reconsider the belief. Why vest yourself in something that does not serve you?
Step Three: Trust your gut. Learn how to ask your body "true" or "not true." Your body is a natural truth detector, use it to your advantage. Whenever a decision arises ask yourself: "Is this for my highest good?" Does the statement resonate as true, or untrue? Follow your gut. 

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09/17/2016 6:36am

Loving yourself is a tricky thing to do. We often love all the people around us wholeheartedly: friends, colleagues, family and that special one. We love them and spend all our time and energy with them that there's nothing left for ourselves. It's important to learn to love yourself first before giving everything to anybody. We cannot give if we have nothing to begin with. Thank you for sharing this. I know it will help other people to know that happiness starts within.

04/24/2017 6:16am

This is a good read, especially for those who doubt themselves. We should learn trust ourselves so that others can trust us as well. I like how you provided a brief summary, and dived into detail. Self doubt is as powerful as trust. If you continue doubting yourself, you will not be able to go that far in life. Your article is well-written and very motivational.

12/06/2016 1:09pm

One of the main ingredients of success is self trust. Before trusting to other people or things, you need to trust yourself first. It measures how confident you are in every situation. Believe in yourself. Do not listen to the negative comments from other people.


If you can't trust yourself so who do you can? This is a controversial question.


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