This weekend starts off with the energy of anything is possible. Chance meetings, unexpected offers, and heightened intuition. It is possible to use this energy to push yourself forward and help you manifest wishes and desires that you are ready to receive. Money is coming your way which comes as a deep blessing. The money may not come directly, but the life improvement because of it will be felt. 

Prepare yourself for Sunday, when you have the opportunity to face a situation that has reached a stalemate head on. What have you been avoiding and what can you do to finally face it. The time to act is right. The time to act is now. Make the decision and know that it will be the right one. 

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07/08/2016 6:50pm

This is so right! A job offer I have been waiting for is official as of today. AND I bought a mega millions ticket. $$$$$!!!!

01/06/2017 3:49am

I admit that I believe in tarot reading, stargazing, dreams, and forecasting. I read many horoscopes, dream meanings and interpretations, zodiac, and anything related to it. Maybe it’s because I always encounter a déjà vu. Somehow, I felt that my senses are there but a bit blurred. It interests me to learn more beyond the things visible in the eye. But I wouldn’t want to go beyond the normal. I just want to learn something new for my personal use.

04/20/2017 9:00pm

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10/25/2016 11:51pm

I too remember having a job offer and was very happy. But, I moved on to another company because of some problems. I don't know how you do it, but the forecasts are very accurate.

04/21/2017 8:46pm

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12/11/2016 10:34pm

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04/24/2017 9:44pm

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04/09/2017 2:30pm

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04/25/2017 8:52pm

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04/26/2017 8:58pm

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04/27/2017 9:02pm

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04/28/2017 8:54pm

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05/01/2017 8:57pm

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05/02/2017 8:50pm

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05/03/2017 8:55pm

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05/04/2017 8:58pm

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05/05/2017 8:55pm

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05/08/2017 9:01pm

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05/09/2017 9:04pm

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05/10/2017 8:58pm

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05/12/2017 12:06am

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05/12/2017 8:55pm

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05/14/2017 9:54pm

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05/15/2017 8:52pm

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05/16/2017 8:58pm

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05/17/2017 9:22pm

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05/18/2017 9:04pm

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05/19/2017 8:52pm

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05/21/2017 8:54pm

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05/22/2017 8:51pm

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05/23/2017 9:08pm

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05/24/2017 9:11pm

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05/25/2017 9:11pm

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05/26/2017 9:28pm

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05/28/2017 6:50pm

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05/29/2017 7:16pm

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05/30/2017 7:13pm

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05/31/2017 8:00pm

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06/01/2017 7:27pm

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06/02/2017 7:11pm

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