Yesterday was the Season Premiere of Once Upon a Time, and I indulged in the stories of true love and happiness once again. They are beautiful. OUAT has shown us True Love's Kiss from Prince Charming, a Mother, a Were-Wolf, and a son. Ah, true love and all its forms. I can't help but hug my kids while I watch the sappy love stories filled with collecting tears, magical jewelry, and a never ending sea of drama. 
As I sit amidst my sappiness I remind my children that while true love does exist, its not necessarily like it is in the movies. I get momentarily fooled by magical episodes of same sex love thinking that we finally get it as a society, love comes in all forms. Which it does. We just fail to see as a society, that SELF LOVE is one of those forms. You can live Happily Ever After by concentrating on making yourself happy your whole life. Its a wonderfully liberating thought. Life partners are beautiful, but the truth is that we spend way too much time looking for the perfect partner, and not enough time filling ourselves with love. 

So right now, tell yourself that you love you, catch a glimpse of your reflection on your phone and smile intimately at how cute you look. Wear your favorite (fragrance free) perfume for yourself, and buy yourself some flowers. Have you taken the time to show yourself the stars lately? And, as always, for those of us who do have a Prince Charming, or are surrounded by them, remember to thank them for opening your door. 


12/11/2016 5:40am

nice post

12/14/2016 12:49am

I believe in the saying that 'true love waits'. We don't need to be desperate to have a prince charming. God has his perfect time for us. Let's just wait for the right time. And if that man has come, make the most out of it.

01/31/2017 9:28am

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04/02/2017 5:17am

I love myself. As my kids and my family! And I'm feeling happy about that!

04/09/2017 2:27pm

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05/25/2017 1:20am

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