Two Metaphysical Tools Everyone Can Use

1) Ask Questions

2) Clear and Transmute (Delete, De-Story, and Uncreate)

Back in my Mid 20's I found a box of manuscripts that were hole punched and put into binders. They were missing pages, and were out of order, but the gist of the message was there, and who the message was for was very clear. This manuscript spoke to those who already existed in the reality where humans are creator beings in a body. These pages were teaching light workers tools that went beyond saying positive affirmations and seeing yourself "already there." The manuscript urged the light worker to switch from: "I am a millionaire." Spoken to one self over and over again to: "What steps can I take to become a millionaire?" or "What life changes can I make to be in the energy of being a millionaire." 

Since then, I've learned that asking questions can be an art. Why are people so rude? And: Why me? Won't get you very far. The trick is to ask questions that make you feel expanded instead of questions to make you feel restricted. If a question makes you feel restricted, heavy, or like you have a stomach ache, it is most likely coming from your ego. If your questions make you feel expansive, if you can feel your energy going out into the world to search for the answer, if you feel a little bit taller, and your posture feels like it needs to straighten out to let that positive energy that wants to run up and down your spine go faster; that's when you know you are asking the "right" questions. 

The second tool, C&T or DDaU, I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon during a course I am taking called Unlimited Abundance Live. She taught me Clear and Transmute and Delete De-Story and Uncreate. Why? Because its nice to think that we will only let ourselves ask expansive questions, but sometimes we really do have these restrictive questions. Those questions that make us feel bad and hold us back and make us feel like we will always be swimming in a puddle of mud. Why do I have such bad luck with love? Why does this always happen to me? Or other questions that we ask ourselves that hold us in the energy that we fear so much. Clear and transmute, and delete, de-story and uncreate are the answers. 

Let's say, for example, that your big set back is that "other people" make you late. When you were little it was your brothers and sisters, then your children, and now its your sick cat. If you were to live in this reality, some restrictive thoughts might be: Why me? What did I do to deserve this? When stuck in a powerless situation like that, you stop, and remind yourself that YOU are a Creator Being in a body, and somehow YOU have accepted to live out this reality. Then you decide that you want to be rid of this burden. Then you start clearing. Everywhere Im always late, clear and transmute. Everywhere, other people make me late, clear and transmute. Then think of EVERY INSTANCE you can remember where you are late, you can lump them all together if you want, no need to look at them one by one, and look them at their center. Everywhere my sister makes me late, clear and transmute. Everywhere, unexpected things out of my control happen, clear and transmute. You are a Creator Being in a body, you can do this. 

This is the difficult part. After you do these clearings on yourself, you will be presented with opportunities to REALLY CLEAR being late (or whatever your personal block is) which means that some of your beliefs, that you weren't really able to clear all the way will present themselves to you again. So - your kids will lose their shoes, the cat will throw up, and other unexpected events WILL happen. This is your opportunity to look at your blocks and understand that it is your past reality leaving - smile at it and say: "I really am ready for you to leave." You will see results. Good luck and have fun with these tools - I do! 

If you LOVED this blog post, and would like one on one help with implementing these tools, visit me here

Have a beautiful day! 


03/08/2017 7:26am

Interesting site.

04/05/2017 8:14pm

This is a good post. The line "What steps can I take to become a millionaire?' caught my attention. As a young adult that is passionate and full of dreams, It would help me decide to which path or what things should I really do. I wanted to be a millionaire for a lot of reasons, but most importantly is that I wanted to give my parents a life that they deserve. I've been reading books about many things that could help me improve my decisions. I'm trying to empower myself with the knowledge that I'm getting from reading books.

11/02/2017 3:57am

I am not that familiar with topics related to metaphysics but something about this article just really made me curious. The two tools you gave us are really interesting. They might look very simple but after reading your article these two tools have the power to change your perspective in life. Asking the real questions about life and taking the time to adjust yourself and thinking can really go far. This article is really worth the read. By the way the link you posted at the end of the article is not working, I hope you can fix that for us. I would really want to check it out.

I agree with you. We can always ask questions. That is a good metaphysical tool that we can use. I can say that there is nothing wrong with asking questions. There is always something that we do not know, that is why we need to ask. It is a way of gaining knowledge and learning new things. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

03/27/2017 12:05am

This post is really interesting. I enjoyed reading it. For me, it is important to always ask questions. It is not wrong being curious at all times. But like what you have said, questions that make us feel expanded. I learned something after reading this. Thank you for sharing this.

05/15/2017 9:09am

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